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2. General information about the intended use
3. Items, batch/material
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Throughput (Stck/h):
Throughput (kg/h):
4. Temperature
Working temperature (°C):
(Note: Requirements beyond comparable list information will incur additional costs. Feasibility is limited.)
Temperature accuracy
(in space and time):
°C at
(Note: The rated temperature is the maximum furnace temperature which can be set.)
Rated temperature:
up to 250°Cup to 350°Cup to 500°Cup to 650°Cup to 750°Cup to 1150°Cup to 1300°Cup to 1600°C
5. Useful space
Caution: Note standard useful space!
Height (mm):
Width (mm):
Depth (mm):
6. Safety questions
Quantity (g):
Aggresive media
Quantity (g):
Risk of explosion
7. Charging
Hurdlescharging carriagegrate
Plateslifting gearother
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