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Development projects

Control and regulation design

In order to respond to the constantly growing requirements of our customers with the greatest degree of flexibility and functionality, we have as system builders sought, found and developed new methods with regard to control, regulation and electrical wiring and also to the functional scope of conventional regulation and control concepts.

Our concept consists of a high-quality industrial PC with a fully graphical infrared resistant touch screen in sizes from 3.5″ to 19″. The required performance and rapid signal processing is provided by a 32-bit RISC 400 MHz processor, which is controlled by the higher-level Windows CE operating system and can thus be integrated in a variety of existing, Windows-compatible systems.

Control, regulation, positioning, data processing and editing and communication are planned by us in a PLC runtime system (soft PLC) to IEC 61131 – 3 and adapted to customer requirements.

Our flexible and self-explanatory menu navigation, in any desired language, makes it possible to sell our products around the world with only one hardware and software solution. Visualisation is graphical, self-descriptive and thus allows intuitive operation. Customer-specific special solutions can likewise be realised quickly at any time thanks to our modular programming.

For communication with higher-level systems (guidance system, databases, OPC connections etc.), and also for remote maintenance/diagnostics, we offer Ethernet as standard. Data interfaces for storing process data, formulae or logs (faults/warnings) are likewise available in the form of USB/CF.

The following interfaces are available for communication with the field:

  • Profibus
  • CAN
  • Ethernet
  • RS232/422/485
  • EIB

The above interfaces communicate in turn with the actuators and sensors to be used via remote, local I/O modules and form the connection to the PLC. In sufficiently sized systems, a control cabinet bus system is also used for communication with and control of the periphery used in the control cabinet, resulting in time and cost savings in control cabinet wiring, commissioning, troubleshooting and increased functionality.

Development project for sustainability and energy efficiency

In their sustainability, environmental compatibility and energy efficiency, too, we make sure that our systems move with the times. The optimisation and use of efficient insulation materials, the use of heat recovery systems, and also the development of the basic design and the selection of the peripherals used by us with a view to optimising consumption and energy, is a constant feature of our day-to-day work and is also actively realised in various development projects.

Our approaches include:

  • Alternative heating options
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Use of high-quality insulation materials
  • Use of highly efficient control concepts
  • Observance of energy-saving standard IEC 60034-30
  • Adaptation of operating modes to the process chain


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