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Top hat furnace

This heat treatment system functions periodically and is operated by means of a ceramic-fibre-insulated, movable hood which can be raised and lowered. The heating system is situated in this hood, which can be operated electrically, with gas or also with oil. A high-powered circulator provides a uniform heat supply. The workpieces are transported into the furnace from above in charging baskets using the indoor crane. Once charging is complete, the furnace is locked by lowering the hood. After the heat treatment process has been carried out, the hood is raised and the workpieces can be removed.

The use of a furnace of this type depends on the size and weight of the workpieces. As each individual process can take place on the basis of a specific firing program, this apparatus is particularly suitable for producing smaller numbers of items or special products such as ceramically bonded grinding discs, porcelain for electrical purposes and extremely fire-resistant materials. However, a top hat furnace is also suitable for soft-annealing and normalising mass-produced workpieces in the iron and steel industry.


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