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Shaft furnace

This type of furnace has an extremely stable steel structure with a lining consisting of high-quality fireproof material. A system of this type is a combination of two regions: a melting shaft and a holding shaft for the metal. The melting burners are controlled independently of the burners in the holding shaft.

The workpieces are charged fully automatically. As soon as a signal sounds, which indicates that there is space again for new loads in the shaft and the holding shaft is not completely loaded, the next charging operation immediately takes place.

As shaft furnaces are equipped with fishtail burners and therefore direct contact between the flames and the metal surface is ruled out, burn-off and stresses in the metal can be reduced, which in turn entails reduced oxidation.

If oxides are nevertheless formed, the holding shaft can be equipped with a gas sink to remove any oxides and to degas the material in question. This furnace type also saves energy, as the flue gases which are produced in the holding shaft go directly through the melting shaft and are therefore used twice.


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