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Retort furnace

This type of furnace is used in the heat treatment of metals. It is particularly suitable for thermal processes which are carried out in a particular atmosphere such as nitriding, sintering, tempering or soldering or preheating.

Retort furnaces are constructed both horizontally or vertically and are equipped with a hermetically sealed retort, in which the workpiece to be treated can be heated without being affected by atmospheric oxygen or waste burner gases, and its features can be influenced by supplying various gaseous or liquid substances in order to achieve an optimal material structure. Heat is provided electrically by a resistor heater or by a gas burner.

The gastight retort of this furnace type consists of highly heat-resistant steel. The workpieces are generally heated electrically by a resistor heater or by gas burners. Retort furnaces are suitable for the treatment of metals with processes which, as mentioned above, require a definite atmosphere such as nitriding, sintering, drawing or soldering, but also for materials such as glass or ceramics and for annealing soft iron shot, which is used as ammunition for hunting.


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