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Gravity bending furnace

Gravity bending is a glass bending method using thermal processes, which is used among other things in the vehicle industry for producing laminated glass, which is laminated by joining together two panes of glass with a foil as the intermediate layer material.

In this process, the glass pane is conveyed onto the bending tool or mould and subjected to a heat treatment in a gravity bending furnace. Due to the change in viscosity, the effect of gravity and its own weight, the glass pane literally falls into the bending mould, and shape and geometry can be achieved as required.

During press bending, which is a horizontal process, the glass panes are conveyed on roller tables through the interior of the gravity bending furnace and heated to bending temperature. They achieve the desired shape or geometry by means of a die consisting of a male (positive) and a female (negative) mould. This process is the state of the art of glass bending technology and allows any desired shape of the glass pane to be achieved precisely thanks to extremely low bending tolerances.

In a further variant of the glass bending process, the panes are suspended vertically by one edge using several grippers and pass through the heating system in this manner. Following this thermal procedure, the panes are brought into the desired shape in a similar manner to the press bending process.


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