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Continuous furnace

This type of system is used in continuous heat treatment processes such as hardening and tempering, sintering and firing of electronic components, tempering and hardening plastics, and soldering, brazing or levelling solder (the material for a soldered connection).

The workpieces to be heated are moved in the furnace and subjected to a certain temperature. Special screens at the inlet and outlet ensure an extremely efficient process as hardly any heat can escape and therefore energy is saved.

The individual passes are controlled automatically after the workpieces have passed through the furnace inlet.
If the process of tempering, which means heating over a relatively long period, has finished, the workpieces are removed at the output of the conveyor track. If a furnace of this type is operated with a feed carriage, charging (loading and unloading) can be made much easier. The continuous belts are available in various versions: chain conveyor, wire mesh, plastic belts, crossbar design.


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