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KUV forced-air batch furnace

For heat treatments in which combustible substances are released. Temperature range up to 400°C.

Basic equipment

Rated temperatures: 250, 300, 350, 400°C

Thermal transfer: Convection

Air flow: Horizontal Heating: Electrical

Outer housing: Self-supporting sheet steel structure, galvanised sheet steel, RAL 7035 paint or special paint according to customer requirements

Inner housing: Aluminised sheet steel. Grid rails attached to the sides for height-adjustable slide-in wire mesh hurdles, grates, pans; leakproof welding

Doors: Number depends on size, door hinge to the left or right, closure by drive bar, internal emergency release for accessible useful space; permanently temperature-resistant seals for all temperature ranges

Insulation: Mineral wool or composite fibre materials (depending on rated temperature)

Heating system: Circular tube type heating elements in stainless steel

Circulation fan: Installation in air flow duct. The air is sucked in by the heating system and fed to the useful space after complete swirling. This principle makes a uniform temperature distribution possible and prevents cold outside air from flowing in as a result of the slight vacuum in the useful space.

Exhaust air fan: The exhaust air fan increases the exhaust air volumetric flow to the minimum exhaust air volumetric flow to EN 1539. The vacuum produced causes unpolluted fresh air to flow in and dilute the furnace atmosphere to the permissible solvent concentration. At the end of the main evaporation phase, the exhaust air can be reduced to 25% of the minimum exhaust air volumetric flow by switching off the exhaust air fan.

Temperature sensor: Resistance thermometer in the air flow duct upstream of the useful space

Electrical configuration: To EN 60 204

Switch box: Up to KU 09-06-06 on the furnace roof, for larger versions either on the left or the right at operating height

Control system: Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulator

Circuit breaker: Safety temperature limiter as circuit breaker in heating range

Monitoring of circulation air and exhaust air volumetric flow: Direct monitoring by differential pressure measurement; if the volumetric flows fall below the minimum value, the heating system is switched off (persistent switch-off; release by acknowledgement of fault after rectifying failure); visual and audible indication of fault

Door contact switch: Exhaust air fan is automatically switched on when the door is opened Additional equipment (for KU and KUV) Optional extras such as recessed floor rails, shutter wall, hurdle, grates, charging pans, platform truck, exhaust air fans and much more



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