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KUH Forced-air batch furnace

For demanding heat treatments. Temperature range up to 750 °C.

Basic equipment

Rated temperatures: 500, 600, 750 °C

Thermal transfer: Convection and radiation

Air flow: Horizontal

Heating: Electrical

Outer housing: Self-supporting sheet steel structure, galvanised sheet steel, RAL 7035 paint or special paint according to customer requirements

Inner housing: Stainless steel, 1.4301 and higher quality, leakproof welding

Doors: Swing frame door, which is pressed on uniformly with toggle closures and double-sealed. Additional thermal isolation between the inner and outer housing is provided in the region of the furnace opening. Ceramic fibre material is used for the inner door seal and silicone is used for the outer door seal.

Insulation: Mineral wool and composite fibre materials (depending on rated temperature)

Heating system: Circular tube type heating elements in stainless steel

Circulation fan: Installation in the rear wall. The air is sucked in by the heating system and fed to the useful space after complete swirling. This principle makes a uniform temperature distribution possible and prevents cold outside air from flowing in as a result of the slight vacuum in the useful space.

Temperature sensor: Resistance thermometer in the air flow duct upstream of the useful space

Electrical configuration: To EN 60 204 Switch box: On the left or right as required at operating height

Control system: Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulator

Circuit breaker: Safety temperature limiter as circuit breaker in heating range Additional equipment Optional extras such as visual and audible signal devices, protective gas connection, lifting door from size 05-05-05, charging aids, substructure on rollers and many more.



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