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Heat soak testing

This process is a test which is used for toughened glass, which is used for example in glazing in sports halls, tennis courts, gymnasiums and swimming pools, as they must be impact-resistant.

In a heat soak furnace, the prestressed glass is exposed to a heat treatment for a relatively long time and then rapidly cooled, achieving a uniform distribution of stress within the material. The fracture behaviour and flexibility is thus changed so that it disintegrates into dull, loosely cohesive crumbs and the risk of injury as a result of a fracture in everyday use is substantially reduced.

The glasses tested in a heat soak furnace are labelled ESG-H. The heat treatment of the glass means that optimal material properties are achieved, which substantially increase safety compared to the starting product. ESG-H is consequently more flexible, impact-resistant and temperature-resistant than non-prestressed glass and is used in the machinery industry, in vehicle construction and in any sector with high thermal exposure.

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